Fingerprint Touch Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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If you are a gamer or love listening to music or you get a lot of phone calls a day then this wireless headset/earphone is for you. It comes with a powerfull  battery life which means after full charge it can offer you a playback time of 12  hours. This is so cool. It fits your ear perfectly. Sound quality is extremely crisp and clear. It has active noise cancellation feature so that you can do your work quietly without getting disturbed by outside noise.What distinguishes this product from rest of the headsets are this headset does'nt have any buttons, it functions fully through touch. Amazing right? We have sold this product to 60000 happy cutomers. If you want to be 60001th customer buy now. It goes out of stock pretty fast. 


Sound Quality- Superior sound quality

Bluetooth- BT 5.0

Battery Life- 12 hours

Control- Fully functional by touch